Know Farmers, Know Vodka

In the world of distillation, Second Act Spirits stands out with its unique concept: “Know Farmers, Know Vodka.” This philosophy underscores our commitment to transparency and quality in the production of their renowned vodka. For Second Act Spirits, understanding the origins of the grains used in their products is not just a business strategy but a fundamental ethos. Acknowledging the significance of raw materials, we have forged strong partnerships with New York farmers to ensure the highest quality ingredients for our spirits.

One of the key relationships that exemplifies Second Act Spirits’ dedication to this concept is with Domoy Farms, one of several NY farms that is a partner in providing the grains for our exceptional vodka. Situated in Medina, New York, Domoy Farms is a testament to generational farming, currently operated by the fifth generation of the Domoy family. At Second Act Spirits, we recognize the importance of knowing the farmers behind their ingredients.

The commitment to sourcing grains from NY farms not only ensures the highest quality but also contributes to the regional character of our products. By promoting the rich agricultural heritage of New York, Second Act Spirits not only produces outstanding spirits but also supports local economies and sustainable farming practices. This holistic approach to production aligns with our vision of creating a product that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also tells a story of the land and the dedicated farmers who cultivate it.

In a market flooded with choices, Second Act Spirits’ emphasis on “Know Farmers, Know Vodka” distinguishes us as more than just a distillery – we are curators of an authentic and traceable spirit, connecting consumers not only with a beverage but with the hardworking hands and fertile soil that contribute to the creation of our exceptional vodka.

Second Act Spirits

Visiting with Francis Domoy at his family’s farm in August of 2023.