Our Story

With over 30 years in the craft beverage business, our team is passionate about craft beverages

In 2023, a husband and wife team, deeply passionate about craft spirits, embarked on a flavorful journey, blending their unique skills to create artisanal beverages that reflect their shared love for quality and craftsmanship.  We invite your to share our journey.

As a farm distillery, we are committed to using New York sourced ingredients. Supporting local agriculture is paramount to the operational success of a farm distillery like Second Act Spirits. By sourcing ingredients locally, we not only help ensure the quality of our raw materials but also actively contribute to the economic health of the surrounding community.

Second Act Spirits works to establish partnerships with local farmers, fostering a sustainable and symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties. We feel that this approach not only bolsters the regional agricultural economy but also provides our distillery with a reliable and diverse supply chain for the grains essential to our spirits. Cheers!